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About Us

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Aarkesh International Services is the ultimate solution for all your IT requirements. With a combination of expert knowledge and personal dedication, we strive to meet all your needs. Since our establishment in 2005, our headquarters have been located in Bhopal, India, with an off-shore delivery center in New Delhi, India. Our delivery center consists of over 250 associates and operates 24/7. From handling Big Data to upgrading infrastructure, managing social media to working with mainframes, and improving processes to replacing outdated apps, we have you covered. Our transparent approach and customer-first mindset ensures that you stay ahead in your industry. We believe in fostering valuable relationships with our clients, leading to long-term partnerships.

If you require additional staff for your ongoing projects, our team is here to support you until the finish line. With experience in various industries such as banking, insurance, financial services, pharmaceuticals, and more, we are ready to hit the ground running.

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Talent Can Come From Anywhere

Our top priority is to deliver the highest quality products to our customers. Every product and solution developed by us undergoes rigorous testing procedures to meet our stringent quality standards. By ensuring these high-quality standards, we can guarantee your satisfaction with our products and the positive impact they will have on your business.

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Our Creative Team

Our strength lies in the diverse and engaged individuals who form our foundation. We prioritize their equitable and efficient selection, growth, inspiration, and acknowledgment. Equipped with necessary resources, training, and assistance, our employees strive for excellence in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Olive Yew
Web Developer
Aida Joe
Marketing Head
Teri Dac
Sales Manager
Anton Bne
Event Organizer