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Our team of consultants consists of highly skilled technical and functional experts, including project and program managers, architects, developers/leads, consultants, business analysts, and programmer analysts. They specialize in various areas such as ERP, application development and support, client-server technology, e-commerce, cloud computing, data warehousing and business intelligence, enterprise infrastructure, networking, and other technical domains. They are topnotch professionals in their respective fields.

Work Website Designing

We offer top-notch web design and development solutions at an affordable price. Unlike the high costs associated with web design and development these days, AIS ensures cost-effectiveness. We cater to the needs of small, large organizations, companies, and individuals.

Business Mobile Applications

The Mobile Application Team at AIS specializes in creating solutions and features for mobile devices. This team, which is dedicated to research, collaborates closely with other teams at AIS to provide them with cutting-edge mobile solutions.

Corporate Digital Marketing

The primary goal of Digital Marketing is to maximize the visibility of your website on search engines. Research shows that 85% of website traffic comes from search engines. To boost web traffic and potentially increase revenue, companies should implement Search Engine Optimization..

Services Quality Assurance

A significant amount of money put into developing applications leads to a valuable product if proper validation is carried out at every stage of development. Testing accounts for around 25% - 40% of the time in any project timeline. It has become an essential component of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and requires specialized expertise.

Marketing Corporate Business

At AIS, we strive to foster a culture of innovation among our testing professionals and consistently share our insights with customers. Our team's strong expertise in technology, processes, and strategies enables us to assist clients in devising effective testing strategies. Notably, some of the unique advantages we offer include achieving a 25-45% reduction in the cost of quality.

Design Construction Design

Our services include both static and scalable web design options. With our scalable web design, you have the flexibility to easily add or remove pages, content, and more whenever you desire. It is an incredibly user-friendly solution that does not require any technical expertise to manage the scalable website.

Graphic design

Professionals in graphic design utilize their skills to craft visual content that effectively communicates messages.

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Web development

The process of creating a website for the Internet or a private network (intranet) is known as web development.

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Content writing

Content writing involves the creation and dissemination of written material for various objectives, such as marketing, education, and entertainment.

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Organized Tasks

By maintaining organization, you can effectively save time searching for items and allocate more time towards accomplishing important tasks.

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